About Us

June 4, 2017

Who we are

Bonafide Basketball was started as a way for my friends and I to share some of our insightful and even controversial views about the great game of basketball. Personally, I have been a basketball fanatic my entire life, and played DIII NCAA basketball in College. I do have to admit the Los Angeles Lakers are my favorite NBA team, and if you ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you just how much of a Black Mamba fan I really am. We will try our best to make informative and entertaining posts; while keeping my KB24 bias to a minimum.

What we do

Bonafide Basketball is a media and content lifestyle brand featuring an array of NBA articles and Podcasts. Bonafide has grown from a small blog to an entire site dedicated to providing entertaining and authentic content. Bonafide plans to continue to expand with custom edits, videos, and apparel. You can find Bonafide Basketball on all major social networks to keep up with the latest content. Visit www.bonafidebasketball.com for more information.